Partnership Opportunities

Support General Contractors, Architects, Engineering & Developers to Enhance Multi-Family Best Practices With the Latest Tools, Products & Technologies

General contractors, architects, engineers, and developers are constantly looking for the latest tools and products which offer the innovative solutions to help optimize project performance and meet the sophisticated design standards evolving in the multi-family markets.

From design, collaboration, and project management software to improve stakeholder integration and help keep projects on schedule and to budget, through to the latest in amenities and interiors, our audience wants to hear from you.

Our audience has highlighted interest from:

BIM & CAD Software
Project Management Solutions
Electrical & Mechanical Products & Equipment
Interior Suppliers

So don’t just tell them – show them. Whether you are categorized above or not, if you have a solution that you believe is relevant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about the bespoke package we could create to meet your business aims!

Contact Sam Berrill, Partnerships Director, Construction at or +1 713 554 8380 to find out more.